The Sales Delvelopment Company


A Strategic Partnership involves two or more companies working together to share common resources and to leverage experience from each partner. Building for the future with the right Strategic Partner can help you:

  • Expand market presence
  • Provide access to technology
  • Offer opportunities to diversify
  • Shared cost of growth
  • Leverage resources
  • Share risks and resources
  • Access new markets
  • Create new ideas and products
  • Shorten lead times
  • Build credibility

We have three types of Strategic Partners depending on what you are looking for:

  • Business Partner - become an Agent or Distributor of Clarity™ and enjoy the commercial benefits of selling our off-the-shelf product to your contacts and clients. Agents benefit from the use of Code Red's front and back office support facilities. Distributors deliver their own sales and simply use Code Red's back office services.
  • Solution Partner - talk to us about how Clarity™ can be included in your bespoke solution. Ideal for companies who want to embed our technology in their solution or want to independently recommend Clarity™ to others.
  • Knowledge Partner - an informal partnership that requires no initial investment or long term commitment but helps both parties to raise awareness of each others' products and capabilities. Ideal for joint marketing opportunities for complimentary products.