The Sales Delvelopment Company

Client Benefits

At Code Red, our aim is to help you find and acquire new business that will transform your business.

To help you find the right sales for your business, we use a three-step qualification process that helps you identify your target markets and the opportunities that best meet your sales targets. Whether you are looking for a £10,000 contract or a £100,000 contract, our methodology has helped our clients win over £12.5 million in new business over the last eight years.

You will have access to a team who are specifically dedicated to your account, which will help you secure new business depending on your requirements. They will professionally canvass your potential clients, introducing your business and services, and qualify any opportunities so that a face-to-face sales meeting is set for you with the relevant decision maker.

We have experienced teams who have a proven track record of working successfully with our clients year-on-year in the following areas:

  • logistics
  • manufacturing
  • printing
  • B2B services